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Why Should You Contact an ICBC Glass Express Shop for Car Glass Replacement?

Remember last summer, when you drove your car behind that logging truck and it kicked a piece of gravel into your windshield? It was just a little chip at the time. You knew you had to go and get it fixed, but time got away from you. You kept putting it off and putting it off and your friends commented on the growing crack. Summer became winter, you used your heater to defog the glass and that just made the crack even bigger. Now you have a crack so big that it is getting hard to see out of the windshield and you have to look into car glass replacement immediately.

The bad news is that if you had gone and had it taken care of when it was just a small chip, chances are that you could have gotten it done for free at the right car glass replacement shop. It is a service some provide to ensure return customers. Sadly, you didn’t take care of the chip and now you have to pay for car glass replacement. The good news is, your auto insurance plan might cover it. So go and have a look at your coverage. If your auto glass is covered, you are well on your way to getting that windshield fixed.

If your auto glass is covered under insurance, then you might not even have to go and file a claim. If you take your broken windshield to a place that is a certified ICBC glass express shop, they can file the claim for you. Of course, there can’t be anything else wrong with your car, just damaged glass. If that is the case, though, you are going to be saved one trip. If you go to a shop that offers mobile services in your area, you might not even have to take your car anywhere at all. Imagine having a professional crew come up to your house and replace your car glass while you watch the game on your own TV. If you pick the right shop, this could be how your car gets fixed.

Call Affordable Auto Glass Services Ltd. They are a certified ICBC glass express shop that offers mobile services to some neighbourhoods in the lower mainland. They also offer free chip repair if you take your car to them early enough. Get your car glass replaced and next time, get the chip repaired before things get too far out of hand.

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