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Why it is Important to Get Windshield Repair as Soon as You Notice a Problem

At AGS Affordable Glass Services Ltd, one of the top things we advise our customers is to come and get windshield repair as soon as you notice a problem. If you see a chip in your windshield, visit us before it is too late and you need replacement. The old saying goes ‘a stich in time saves nine’ and this really rings true when it comes to windshield repair. Here’s why.


When you see a chip in your windshield you probably think that you can live with it. Sure, it doesn’t look great, but what harm can it do? Well the answer is, actually, quite a lot. You never know when a chip is going to grow larger. It could happen when you are driving, or during a change in the weather. This can severely harm your driving and lead to an accident if it distracts you or impairs your field of vision. If you avail of windshield repair as soon as you notice a problem, you are contributing to better safety on the roads.


Fixing a small problem is going to cost a lot less than fixing a large problem. Getting windshield repair for a chip or small crack is certainly cheaper than having to get windshield replacement. At AGS Affordable Glass Services Ltd, we offer excellent value windshield repair for those in need. For the best value, come to our shop when you notice a simple chip, so that you don’t need to fork out for windshield replacement later down the line.

Insurance Cost

When you make a claim for windshield repair, depending on the situation, the cost of your insurance probably won’t increase by much. However, if you ignore the problem and you end up in an accident due to the windshield, you will also end up with a hefty premium following the accident. Think of this the next time you notice a chip and do the right thing by bringing it into us for windshield repair.

Value of Vehicle

Similar to the above point, if you miss out on windshield repair you could end up causing more damage to your vehicle. If the windshield breaks, it could scratch the paint work or damage the interiors. This will decrease the value of the vehicle dramatically if you choose to sell down the line.

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