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What are the different types of windshield glass used in automobiles?

If you are driving a vehicle or you are a vehicle manufacturer and want to know about the types of windshield glass used in vehicles, then you are in the right place. Safety is the biggest concern of every car owner. Therefore using high-quality windshield glass is an important part of manufacturing a vehicle. The windshield glass is prepared to protect the driver in case of accidents, dirt, debris, etc. When it comes to fulfilling your safety needs for driving, the windshield glasses are categorized at different levels. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the different types of windshield glass. When car glass gets broken or cracked, then it is important to visit a car glass repair company like Affordable Glass Services Ltd. They offer glass repair services with a written lifetime guarantee. Here are different types of windshield glass you will see in a car or vehicle.

Different types of windshield glass

Not all glass is made equally for a vehicle. That means the various types of windshield glass are different in their properties. Here is the list of different windshield glass types.

• Front Windshield Auto Glass: This is one of the most important glass types you will see in a vehicle. The main purpose of the front windshield glass is to shield the passengers as well as the driver from wind, debris, dust, etc. It has UV coating also that will help you to protect from sun rays. This is considered important as it provides significant support to the roof of the vehicle. You can get affordable glass repair services if your front windshield glass gets cracked or chipped.

• Back Windshield Auto Glass: The other type of windshield glass is back windshield auto glass. It is made up of tempered glass that is bonded in the frame to stop the glass from moving. Some cars have back windshield glass with sliding panes or ones that move upward. They also have horizontal lines to send heat to the car window to defrost it in cold weather.

• Laminated Glass: Car windshields are made up of laminated glass that will help you to survive extreme impacts without shattering. This glass is popular in storefronts as well.

These types of glass are used for the windshield. When it comes to replacing and repairing auto glass, then you can consult Affordable Glass Services Ltd. There are three different types of glass dealers will use to replace your windshield. You can take vehicle glass repair services and add dealer glass, original equipment manufacturer glass, and aftermarket glass. These three types of dealer glass will help to maintain the integrity of your car glass.

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