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Protect Yourself: Get a Windshield Replacement

Imagine it. You’re driving down the highway with your kids in the backseat and your dog in the front, poking its head out the window. You’re on your way to a picnic, the lake, or you’re heading out of town for the weekend – maybe to enjoy the sun in the Okanagan. Suddenly, a rock flies up off the road and hits your windshield, causing it to crack or chip, then the crack spreads across the windshield. There you have it: you need a windshield replacement, and you need one soon.

Why Do I Need a Windshield Replacement So Quickly?

Whether it’s in your front or your rear, driving around with a cracked car window is extremely dangerous. Your windshield needs immediate replacement because once chipped or cracked, it could shatter at any time. This would impair your ability to drive safely, endanger those within the car and on the road, and cause you a huge inconvenience when it comes to clean up. After all, a shattered glass on the kitchen floor leaves shards for months – so how long will it take to find all the pieces from your shattered windshield?

Visit an I.C.B.C. Glass Express for Your Next Windshield Replacement

In B.C., we are lucky enough to have comprehensive car insurance packages offered by I.C.B.C. However, you don’t always want to talk to I.C.B.C, do you? We’ve all experienced the long line-ups, incredible wait times on hold, and the hassle and confusion of filling out the form.

Fortunately, if your windshield replacement is simple, you don’t always have to make the claim yourself. Visit an I.C.B.C. Glass Express Facility and not only will you save time when it comes to getting back on the road, but you’ll also be able to save yourself the trouble of making the claim yourself – the facility will do it for you!

Have Your Windshield Replacement Completed by Affordable Glass Services

Affordable Glass Services Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for windshield replacements in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Conveniently located on Kingsway, in Port Coquitlam, we are an I.C.B.C Glass Express certified shop. We work with any model or make of vehicle and make sure you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Whether you need windshield replacement services, or you need your rear windshield or passenger window glass replaced, contact our team.We always use high-quality products that meet original equipment manufacturer specifications and we treat each customer like family. We also provide mobile services to our customers.

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