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Measures you should take to take care of your newly replaced windshield

We all know that a windshield serves as an important safety component of your car. A cracked windshield will have a negative effect on your driving. The role of a windshield in a car is unrivaled. It not only maintains your car integrity but also acts as a supporting structure of your car. So, if any break or crack occurs on your windshield, then you should get auto glass replacement Coquitlam services from experts like AGS Ltd. This is one of the best glass repair companies that provide you 100% written guarantee for the services they provide.

If you have already gotten windshield glass repair services, then you should take some measures to maintain it properly. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the tips you should consider for post windshield replacement care.

Post windshield replacement tips

• Don’t drive immediately: Windshield car replacement mostly uses urethane as an adhesive. This amazing component will help to repair the chipped or cracked windshield. Therefore, it is essential to cure for the recommended duration of your adhesive as it can be ruined by driving too soon. So, you need to wait for at least one hour to get back to driving. This will ensure that the adhesive is properly fixed, without leaving gaps.

• Don’t remove the tapes: Some windshield car repairs needs to be fixed with tape. You must not take off the tape from the windshield for at least 24 hours after replacement. If you remove them earlier, then there will be a risk that dirt, dust, and debris get stuck to it.

• Avoid car washes: High pressure jets are used in car washes. Therefore, you should take care not to wash the car shortly after getting auto glass replacement Coquitlam services. The jets could result in destroying your car’s windshield strength. You will be left with a damaged windshield again. Therefore, keep away from car washes for at least a couple of weeks.

• Leave the window open: Pressure will build up in the vehicle if the car windows do not get opened. Therefore to get the pressure equalized, you should keep the window open a crack.

These are some precautions you should take after getting car windshield replacement services. If you have noticed your car windshield or any glass damaged, then you should inspect your car and get auto glass replacement Coquitlam services.

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