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How windshield repair keeps you safe for winter driving

Cold weather in the winter is cause for extra concern when it comes to car care. You may already be aware of safe driving rules in snowy, icy, or cold and dark road conditions, but there are a lot of ways you can prepare your vehicle for ultimate safety in winter.

One spot often overlooked is the windshield. A small chip or crack may not affect your ability to drive, but windshield repair becomes more of a pressing issue as temperatures drop. A windshield that is frosted over is more susceptible to cracking. Similarly, if you defrost your windshields too quickly, the extreme change in temperature is a risk.

In an accident, for example, the windshield is meant to absorb the impact to protect the driver and passengers. However, even the smallest chip can put the entire structural integrity of your windshield at risk of shattering on impact. A cracked windshield is also more likely to shatter during an accident with less force than you might think.

Of course, you should contact a professional for windshield repair if there is a crack or chip on your front or back window. There are also some things you can do beyond repair services to protect your vehicle and stay safe on the roads this winter.

Use winter or anti-freeze washer fluid

The type of windshield washer fluid makes a difference during the winter. Regular fluid can freeze and make it difficult to properly clear your windshield. Buy washer fluid that has enough anti-freeze to withstand the winter temperatures in your region, without freezing over.

Regularly clean your windshields

When there is dirt or debris on your windshield, it offers a surface for water to more easily cling to. In cold weather, this moisture will freeze. Be sure to clear your windshield of dirt especially if you have a chip. If frozen dirt and ice gets into a crack, it can expand the damage, further weaken the windshield, and later require a full windshield replacement.

Park your vehicle in covered areas

The best place to park your car during the winter is in a garage or underground lot, where it is protected from snow, ice, and cold temperatures during the winter. Again, bringing your car and windshield from the extreme cold to a warmer temperature by defrosting quickly can cause cracks to worsen. If you have to park outside and you live somewhere with a lot of snowfall, make sure you do not park under trees or buildings that might have snow build up.

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