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5 Facts about Auto Glass Repair You Didn’t Know

Auto glass repair is one of the more common fixes your car will need over its lifetime. However, though it is one of the most frequent car repairs you’ll need, it is no less important to address than, say, an issue with the engine, or the car’s electronics.

Windshield repair and replacement should always be dealt with right away, as a safety and money-saving measure. Read on to explore 5 facts about autoglass repair you may not have known.

  1. Windshields are essential for a vehicle’s structural integrity

It might seem like a small issue, but a crack in your windscreen can actually compromise the overall safety of your vehicle. Some studies have suggested that up to 50% of a car’s structural integrity is provided by a strong, durable windshield, making you less vulnerable if an accident should occur.

  1. A windshield’s black border, or “frit” has many functions

The black border around a windshield has a number of functions. The number one reason for the frit, is to provide a textured surface for the adhesive to bond to the glass. On the car’s exterior, the frit helps protect against UV radiation that might affect the adhesive. Finally, the little black dots provide the driver with a shield for their eyes in sunlight.

  1. Most windshield cracks occur around the edges

Studies have shown that the area about two inches around the edge of the windshield is most prone to cracking. In fact, because this zone is marginally weaker, between 70 and 80 percent of all auto glass repairs occur here.

  1. Repair is generally better than replacement

The strongest windshield a car will ever have is the first one that was installed in the factory. Because of this, avoiding windshield replacement is usually a preferable option. Depending on the size of the crack, technicians will be able to advise you on the safest option – often if the crack is small and fixed early, auto glass repair will be able to repair damage as securely as if nothing had occurred. This is why it is important to deal with small damages promptly, before they become worse, and can no longer be repaired.

  1. Windshield repairs and replacements should be done somewhere dry

Windshield repairs and replacements should always be conducted in a dry place, so as to let adhesives solidify in a safe, secure fashion. Bear this in mind when calling out an auto glass repair service, as they will not be able to conduct any fixes without proper shelter.

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