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4 Signs Your Windshield Needs Replacement

Your windshield needs to be free of any defects. As you notice an issue with your windshield, you should immediately look for an auto glass repair and replacement expert to have your windshield examined and the issue fixed because defective windshield can put your life at risk.

In this blog, we have compiled four signs that indicate you need a replacement windshield.


You cannot take cracks on your windscreen for granted. As you see a crack on your windshield, you should understand the windshield of your car should be replaced immediately. Procrastinating the replacement even for a day can be dangerous because the cracked windshield cannot deal with speed and accidents. As a result, the roof of the car can collapse because that very much depends on the windshield. Also, the windshield cannot give you protection in case of an accident. So, without any delay, look for an expert in auto glass repair and replacement in Poco.


If your windshield is scratched, you should immediately take your car to an expert in auto glass repair and replacement in Poco. If the scratches are small, they will fix them. If they are expanded in a large area, they will replace them. Driving with a scratch can be dangerous because un-repaired scratches expand fast when you drive your car without getting the scratched fixed.

White Hedges

The windshield has a PVB Layer that prevents the windshield from shattering in case of an accident. Over time, the PVB layer starts separating from the windshield due to which white hedges appear on the edges of your windshield. You should not ignore the white hedges at all because if you ignore the white hedges, your windshield will become vulnerable to shatter in case of an accident that can be dangerous to the lives of people sitting inside the car.

You Are Unable to View Clearly Through Your Windshield

You must be able to see through your windshield. If you are unable to see through your windows clearly, even after cleaning your windshield, you should visit an expert in auto glass repair and replacement in Poco to have your windshield.

As you notice any of the above mentioned signs, reach an expert in auto glass repair and replacement in Poco as soon as possible.

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